Having an Issue With Segments In Mautic

Hey Dhiraj,
Having a bit of an issue with segments and campaigns in Mautic. From my understanding, I can use segments to filter emails when someone doesn’t read an email, and then have that segment trigger to a new campaign to have that same email sent again to the recipient. I am doing this in multiple segments to ensure that each email is sent out at least twice if a client doesn’t read the email. When I go in and try to filter down the Segment to adhere to “Segment Membership”, the segment membership does not save when I save the segment. I also notice that when I’m adding in a contact, that contact is added to multiple steps in the their log, and from my understanding, if a contact is added to a segment it should automatically submit the first email in that campaign sequence, and it is not. Just trying to figure out what is setup incorrectly.

Thanks so much