Postal + stopped after send 5.000 mails

Hello, i have installed postal using your manuals:

and configured it for use with as you say in your manual

How to get Mailswizz for Free + Template

I have imported my lists to Insend and created the campaigns perfectly and all seems works perfect, but after send 5.000 emails the system haven´t sended more mails. The status campaigns are as “sending” (4 campaigns working) but in Postal i haven´t sended nothing. I have waited 10 hours, and nobody changes. I have tryed too restart the postal server, but nothing. I have stopped all the campaigns less one, but nothing.
I have searched in the server any log file thaty could give me any information, but i can´t locate it.

Do you know where could be the problem and how solve it? Should be a problem in postal server or in Insend webpage?

Thanks for your help.

Hello, reviewing the backoffice, i have read that this is limited to send only 5.000 emails.
Suppose that i shoudl purchase Mailswizz for send more mails.


Well, since services on is totally free of cost, therefore a fair usage policy is applicable. If you are interested in unlimited sending then let me know, we will start that kind of service.

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Yes. Unlimited was the real sending limits. But 25,000/day is ok.
So can you atleast make it upto 25,000/day.
So you could able to get five star ratings very soon.
So it will be a request form our end to make it atleast 25,000/day.

I have entertained your request and increased the limit to 15000.

because i im interest in postal
may i ask this issue is a config issue of postal
or needed more powerful hardware - vps ?

Which issue are you talking about? Please open a new topic for discussuion.


the issue i m talking about is that the postal stopped after send 5000 emails

Well in that case, check if postal service is stopped. You can run command

postal status

to check.