Postal SMTP is not connecting to Email Application

Good day Support.

Thanks for attending to everyone’s issues. I was able to configure Postal SMTP on my VPS server.

I sent mail from my postal dashboard and it was successful, even from, it sent mail successfully…

I have created credentials in Postal and I used the credentials for to try connecting from the third-party application I’m using (Maxbulkmailer), but it’s not connecting to my mail server.

When I tried connecting the mail server to another online email application (Pabbly), I get the error below:

"Delivery Sever Error: The following recipients failed: SMTP server error: 5.7.1 relaying denied for recipient in “RCPT TO:”

Looks like your credentials is invalid or blocked. Please contact to your SMTP service provider."

And this email address is the one I used when configuring the postal SMTP server.

Please help… Also so when I validated my email address ( it said the email address is a bounced email…

I haven’t got time to check Pabbly. But if your postal is good with SMTPer, then it should be a problem specific to that app, in this case, Pabbly.

When, I get time to test Pabbly, will send you update.