Virtualmin on Oracle Free Cloud Instance not sending or receiving email

Hello, I followed the guides as closely as I could to set up a Virtualmin server on an Oracle Free Tier instance.

I set up ns1 and ns2 nameservers (I use and assigned the IP addresses, I implemented a reserved IP address instead of Ephemeral, added in ingress rules for virtually everything but the kitchen sink and made a fresh install of a VM and Virtualmin.

Dirhaj, you make it look simple, but after following several of your videos and piecing it all together, I find that I cannot send or receive email to/from the Virtualmin host.

I know the config files are not present in this post, but I can post any requested configurations here.

Has anyone followed the guides and got Virtualmin hosts sending/receiving emails to work on Oracle Free Tier, and could help out?



Well, port 25 is blocked by default on Oracle nowadays.